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One of the best lacrosse sticks I’ve used. It feels and looks great. I’ve had it for several months and there is no noticeable damage to the stick. I would recommend it to any age group. 
— Josh Emmy, Washington State University
I have tortured tested this thing only minor thing was a few scratches which is normal but other wise it’s impossible to break. Perfect for faceoffs for grip on the rotation
— Alex Hoang, Camas Lacrosse
I’m from Orange County, California and I sent my head to them and it came back just how I asked. I wanted a mid pocket with mid-high hold and mid-low whip. They delivered perfectly. I was extremely impressed with my stick and the way it throws especially with how specific my requests were. I would definitely recommend it!!
— James Murphy
Honestly, I heard about this shaft from my homie, Alex Hoang, it’s the BEST SHAFT EVER!!!!! Super light and strong. Perfect flex for shooting and passing. Love it and continue to tell others about the best shaft ever!
— Ken
I’ve played with this shaft for the past season and I’m surprised of how lightweight and durable this shaft is. I play Mid field so I get some hard checks on this shaft. The feel of the shaft is amazing. I can feel I have more power with my shot with this shaft and the passes I make are always accurate. This shaft is probably the best shaft I’ve used in a while and recommend it to any player who likes a light and strong shaft.
— Ben Bisquera, Seattle Starz
Hey just bought your shaft at the Valhalla tournament and it is the best looking shaft I’ve seen. My nike vandal just could not take it anymore. Thanks for being so nice and give me a shirt. Hope you do good in Boise
— Tyler
The texture is grippy enough to stick with your hands when you want it to, but not too sticky that your hands get caught.
— Luke
The shaft is much lighter than my last one and seems to be very strong. 

I put a bunch of tape on at first because that is what I normally do with my shafts. I then felt it in my gloves and realized I needed no tape. The grip is very nice and keeps the shaft from rolling around in your hands. It’s also not too grippy to the point where you cannot slide your hands. Best grip I’ve felt on a lacrosse shaft. [The grip] doesn’t seem like it will wear off.

The concave is different and feels really good.
— Greg Klein, Washington State Lacrosse
Its is very nice on your hands especially if you’re wearing gloves. The stick is all around great.
— Wylie Warchol
I was in the Valhalla tournament and bought one. I absolutely love it, it’s good for attack
— Taguen Smith
This is the best shaft I have ever used in my life! The feeling of having this shaft in my hands in unbelievable. It is by far the strongest shaft I have ever used, and I’ve used a lot of shafts in my life. For the amount of strength this shaft has it is extremely light weight. In addition, the flex in this shaft has made my shot considerably faster, as well as adding accuracy to my passing. This shaft is very impressive, and if you don’t already have one you should strongly consider getting one, you won’t be disappointed!
— Mikey Johnson, King's Way Lacrosse


"I absolutely love it the looks are impeccable if you put it on the high speed camera it has the perfect amount of flex the carbon fiber weaving with the clear coat literally gives it the most perfect and amazing grip ever usually carbon shafts use a composite that if flush and never gives you a good grip not this shaft."

—Jonathan Sorg