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The Original-Blue
The Original-Blue

The Original-Blue

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  • DURABILITY. The strongest shaft on the market today. The original has been brutally tested against top shafts, both aluminum and carbon fiber. Our carbon weave has proven time and time again that it can outperform top aluminum and carbon fiber shafts.
  • CARBON FIBER WEAVE. With several different types of carbon fiber woven together, we are able to create a strength spread across the entire shaft. The materials have been specifically chosen for their weave pattern and durability. The criss-cross pattern we create gives this carbon fiber shaft the ability to withstand huge takeaway checks.
  • GRIP. The outer layer of our shafts provides a light grip. It won't snag or catch gloves and allows full mobility while dodging, shooting, and passing.
  • FLEX. Our carbon fiber formula gives it a unique, but consistent flex. Shooting and passing must be the same every time, so you can learn the muscle memory. The flex in this shaft happens under viscous checks, which allows the shaft to withstand them. When passing and shooting the shaft will keep its integrity allowing you to take that perfect shot with confidence.



A headlock comes installed with every shaft.